Snowy Dreaming


When I was a child winter was white. Everything was full of snow for a long time. I still remember how deep the snow was when my brother and me went for sledging and how wonderful the landscape looked like. It was like a dream. The coldness didn’t disturb us. It was fun and we wanted to be outside, forever skating, making a snowball fight, building a snowman or even a small fortress. When I was a child, it would never have come to my mind to wonder if Christmas was going to be white. It always was.

Winter still made sense some years ago when we didn’t have children yet. I already lived in Graz, it is warmer here, so I liked that there was almost no snow in the city (it would just disturb). But sometimes, if we wanted some beautiful snow, we would go quickly a bit higher, 1-2 hours by car, for skiing or hiking. Easy, quick, uncomplicated. Otherwise, we could quickly run away from coldness, sitting cosily in a hut, at home, in the office, in the car, etc. Simple, warm and pleasant.

Now, when we have children, winter doesn’t make sense anymore. It is complicated. I know I should go out with the kids because it’s healthy and they need it. As I said, it’s not cosy outside, but kids get crazy when they’re too long inside. I don’t want to go out, but I see no choice. All this packing into warm clothes and then even more packing into hats and scarves and overalls, especially of the baby, can only be hated. This effort would pay off if there was great fun waiting for us outside, like it was in my childhood. Well, no, when we do go out, there’s not a lot we can do, there’s hardly any snow, playgrounds are frozen or full of mud, it is not pleasant for anyone, it’s boring and cold. I hate such winter when I have to deal with my 4,5 year-old’s disappointment that we cannot build a snowman… again. The last one we built 2 years ago was 10 cm high. Oh, that was fun, right? We could make a trip where there is snow, but any trip means now heavy load logistics. You cannot just go, there’s the packing, unpacking… the moment we’re ready to go, we want to get back already or we have a meltdown (we, the parents, not the kids).

You could say I should stop complaining and take it as it is or we should do everything to stop the global warming or else, move to Finland. Well, you’re right. I just dream. I wish my kids knew what fun winter could be, how peaceful the world around you feels when nature stands still and sleeps in the bright sun covered with a white blanket and how loud the steps are crunching in the evening glow of street lamps. I wish they could enjoy the magic that stays in you for the whole life.


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